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Glen Cove Water Damage Restoration Firm Negotiates with Insurers

9/17/2023 (Permalink)

servpro figures. we have your back poster SERVPRO assists with water damaged commercial businesses in Glen Cove. We provide comprehensive help.

Negotiating Glen Cove Water Damage Restoration

When commercial properties in Glen Cove suffer water damage, filing insurance claims and ensuring that insurers cover restoration costs can be quite complex. Successful negotiations between remediation firms and insurance companies are crucial to helping restoration efforts more smoothly and efficiently. This could save your business significant time and money in the long run. Though it is not the primary duty of such a company to negotiate directly with the carrier, we can interact with our client and adjuster.

SERVPRO® water damage restoration professionals in Glen Cove are experts at working with insurance adjusters and getting your firm the best coverage outcomes. We diligently work to get your insurer to cover all emergency water damage services, including necessary water removal services, basement flooding cleanup projects, and water damage repairs. The specific measures we take to accomplish this goal are:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of insurance policies, including their coverage limits, deductibles, and specific requirements for water damage restoration. This enables us to present a well-informed case to insurance companies and negotiate based on policy provisions.
  • Professionally documenting all water event-related damage, with videos, photographs, and written descriptions, gives insurance adjusters clear evidence of what happened, and the scope of restoration required.
  • Maintaining open communication with your insurer and keeping detailed records of all emails, phone calls, and written correspondence with adjusters. Our negotiators build trust and streamline the reimbursement process by promptly responding to all inquiries/requests for information. Also, our records serve as evidence of our negotiations and can be referenced if any disputes arise.
  • We use our industry expertise to determine likely restoration costs and present a fair, competitive assessment of necessary remediation work during negotiations.
  • Advocating for full restoration so all parties support taking comprehensive actions to avoid future issues and potential secondary damages arising from mold growth or structural problems.

Effective negotiations with insurance companies are essential for successful water damage restoration. Your neighbors at SERVPRO of Glen Cove/Jericho can help with this. Call us anytime at (516) 671-1919.

Rapid Water Removal in Glen Cove Requires the Right Equipment

5/18/2023 (Permalink)

Top Side of SERVPRO Equipment Don't let water damage take over your property, Call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho at (516) 671-1919.

SERVPRO Prevents Water Damage to Your Glen Cove Home

Water damage in a Glen Cove house can be disastrous, especially if left unchecked. Small leaks can quickly escalate, causing extensive water damage to your property. Removing the water fast is one of the most crucial steps after a leak.

It is essential to address any resulting water damage promptly, focusing on all areas that have been affected. The process is best handled by trained professionals who understand the proper procedures for removing the water and drying out affected areas. SERVPRO crews have the skills to adequately address water damage and restore affected areas. Our teams are certified in water damage restoration and trained to use specialized equipment and techniques to remove water from affected areas.

Some key areas to prioritize during the water removal process:

  • Cavities like walls and ceilings
  • Horizontal surfaces like floors
  • Porous items like furniture and carpets
  • Vulnerable materials like drapes and clothing

Water Cleanup Resource

One of the first steps in the water removal process is to extract any standing water. This may include water pooling on your home's floors, carpets, or other surfaces. Our guiding principle is that the more water we remove with extraction tools, the less time we spend evaporating and dehumidifying the remaining moisture with drying equipment.

Standard tools for rapid water removal:

  • Portable units
  • Large truck-mounted units
  • Wet/dry vacuums
  • Light- wands
  • Deep extraction tools like self-propelled extraction tools

When removing water from floors and ceilings, we check joists. If they are not adequately dried after being exposed to moisture, they begin to rot and swell, and the nails may become loose. SERVPRO crews remedy the situation by thoroughly dehumidifying and effectively drying the joists and beams.

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho initiates the water removal process quickly and helps restore your life. Call us at (516) 671-1919. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Projects in Glen Cove Can Leave You Needing Water Damage Repair

4/19/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO gives you access to expertly trained water remediation specialists that put vast resources and years of experience to work for you.

Water Damage Repair Fixes Furnishings & Equipment

Construction in Glen Cove usually means enhanced living from improved roads and additional shopping centers. Sometimes, however, planning doesn't consider every possibility, resulting in unexpected flooding. If dirty water enters your business, our water damage repair experts can help reduce the impact your business endures.

When unexpected flooding affects your company in Glen Cove, you need water damage, repair technicians. SERVPRO's trained experts help local businesses in this and other kinds of emergencies. We can repair equipment, furnishings, inventory, or anything else harmed by invasive, dirty water.

Repairing is the most cost-effective way to manage your restoration process after such an event. Here are some of the benefits local businesses gain from choosing this approach:

  • Faster recovery
  • Enhanced customer relations
  • A more stable work environment

Our customers can rely on our extensive experience with similar situations. While flooding may be a new occurrence to them, we know the steps and measures, and their order, can reduce the impact immediately. Decreasing the effects water has on the interior of your business means it recovers faster and with fewer long-term changes that require adjustments and adaptations.

Current customers who see a favorite business endure a disaster often feel invested in that business's recovery and reopening. People prefer companies in their neighborhood to be open than permanently closed. SERVPRO repairs equipment and affected stock and ensures your furnishings are in sanitary, usable condition.

Flooding isn't the only source of invasive, unwanted water. Our repairs ensure safe conditions, free of trip hazards, compromised electrical systems, and other safety concerns. A leak can create just as much damage as a flood. Regardless of the source, you can rely on us to make any needed repairs.

Local businesses trust SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho to make it all "Like it never even happened." Call us at (516) 671-1919.

After a Fire in Glen Cove, Get Skilled Damage Repair

3/22/2023 (Permalink)

fire and soot cleaning png servpro SERVPRO adheres to IICRC guidelines for fire damage cleanup and restoration in Glen Cove.

Calling SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration in Glen Cove

Kitchen fires, a blaze that starts in your garage, or a fire that engulfs more than one area of your Glen Cove home – these are all events that cause devastation and disrupt your life. Rather than stressing and trying to pick up the pieces on your own with DIY methods, SERVPRO handles fire damaged homes with precision and care. Our years of expertise and industry knowledge allow us to get you the results you deserve while saving time and money. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster for fire restorations and other emergencies.

With fire damage in Glen Cove and surrounding areas, SERVPRO understands all our customers' emotions. Because of this, we are customer-focused and ready to help you adjust as the restoration takes place. In addition to our proven methods and efficient process, we take the burden off you throughout the claims process. We ensure all details of your fire and smoke remediation project get carefully documented for your insurance agency to make your claim go as smoothly as possible.

Careful Contents Assessment and Cleaning Go a Long Way

Fire damaged homes see everything from water damage to charring, soot, and immense smoke odors. Along with our crew's attention to all structural elements and building materials, we have also perfected our processes for addressing your contents and cherished keepsakes. We always work to restore versus replace. What does that mean? Essentially, we inspect items thoroughly to determine salvageability. The correct cleaning methods get selected, and we meticulously move through everything until the project is complete.

Standard cleaning methods our IICRC-certified technicians may use with fire restorations include:

  • Dry cleaning gets used during pre-cleaning or handling light soiling/soot residue.
  • Wet cleaning to handle moderate or heavy soiling/soot residue.
  • Spray and wipe techniques allow us to carefully clean items that cannot undergo wet cleaning. With wet methods, foam cleaning gets used for upholstery and other materials that could shrink, stain, or bleed.
  • Immersion cleaning helps as we dip contents into an immersion tank filled with a cleaning solution.
  • Abrasion cleaning works using agitation to clear away soiling from surfaces.

What About Odor Issues after Fire Damage?

No fire damage project is complete without the help of our Odor Control Technicians (OCT). There are various smells left from a fire, including charred debris, protein soot after food items burn, and even musty odors from the water used for putting out the flames. Our team selects the best methods to eliminate odors – never masking them with cheap sprays and other ineffective products. SERVPRO has a range of equipment, cleaners, and deodorants readily available on the vehicles in our Green Fleet for such a task, including:

  • Hydroxyl generators
  • Ozone generators
  • Odor counteractant beads or pellets
  • Air scrubbers
  • Thermal foggers
  • Ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers

We Keep your Project Organized and Items Safe During Restoration

There may be situations where belongings in your home must get moved off-site for safekeeping or cleaning. SERVPRO follows strict protocols for our pack-out/move-out services to log your items in the right place. We may set up stations on your property for cleaning or bring specific contents back to our warehouse for special attention. Once we get finished with the project, everything gets loaded back inside your home and in the proper place.

Hiring SERVPRO of Glen Cove/Jericho is your best bet for fire damage restoration when you want peace of mind. You can reach out around the clock by calling our customer care team at (516) 671-1919.

Addressing Water Damage Found in Glen Cove Properties

3/22/2023 (Permalink)

moisture meter on a wood board Moisture removal is crucial for professional water damage restoration for Glen Cove homes. Call SERVPRO--"Like it never even happened."

Proven Water Damage Restoration Techniques for Glen Cove

No matter how you try to avoid water issues within your home or business, there are times when a water loss event is unavoidable. Whether you have ceiling leaks coming from plumbing in an upstairs bathroom or ground-floor flooding, prompt action is vital to eliminate all hazards. SERVPRO knows how important it is to bring your property back to pre-emergency condition, which is why we are available 24/7 with teams ready to get started on your project. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, mobilizing within hours of your initial contact with our customer care team.

Water damage in Glen Cove can come in the form of burst pipes or even hidden leaks somewhere within your plumbing system. No matter the cause, it is never a good idea to wait for restoration or tackle the project independently with DIY methods. Calling in skilled technicians with IICRC certification like our team at SERVPRO ensures you get rapid, efficient results.

Let the Pros Handle your Structural Drying Needs

With any home flooding or water emergency, structural drying is imperative. We make sure all standing water gets removed and other belongings and furniture. We then assess further damage and what measures must get taken for drying. Our technicians understand how moisture seeps into structural elements, so we know how to craft an appropriate drying plan. Our structural drying efforts include two significant steps:

  • Air Flow – Proper air movement gets achieved with the help of powerful centrifugal fans that put out high-powered airflow to dry moisture. In extreme situations, we can place these fans in the water damage zone without the need for drilling boreholes in walls or pulling up carpeting. The crew adjusts as we move along to ensure proper moisture evaporation.
  • Dehumidification – This part of the process includes industrial-grade high-volume dehumidifiers to help evaporate moisture in the air. When strategically placed, our dehumidification equipment steps up to remove the water from the air before it has a chance to get absorbed by other materials or structural elements.

Not All Water Damage is Visible to the Untrained Eye

It is astounding how many property owners are unaware of water issues lurking behind walls, under cabinetry, and in other areas. To ensure your building is well-maintained and structurally sound, periodically looking for signs of water infiltration is a smart move. If you ever notice staining on walls or ceilings, or musty odors that point to the possibility of black mold growth, you can count on our team to come in for a detailed inspection.

If you are unsure if you have water damage lurking in your home, some of the tools that we may use to help us locate hidden moisture include:

  • Moisture meters to look for moisture content in certain materials. This tool offers accurate moisture readings so that we can monitor our drying efforts.
  • Moisture sensors help expose the level of moisture in walls, baseboards, and carpeting.
  • Thermohygrometers help to detect relative humidity (RH) and temperature. With these readings, our technicians have a window into the levels of humidity, dew point, and more.

Throughout the water restoration process, our crew adjusts accordingly to add or subtract air movers, dehumidifiers, drying mats, and other equipment so that we can successfully dry your interior and structural elements. Before the project gets wrapped up, final readings get taken for moisture, and we handle all surfaces' cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing.

A team with training and experience best addresses water damage if you want quality results. Call us at SERVPRO of Glen Cove/Jericho at (516) 671-1919 for assistance.

Mold Damage Is No Match for Professional Techniques in Glen Cove

3/22/2023 (Permalink)

what to know about mold with infestation Discovering mold in your Glen Cove home means a call to SERVPRO for remediation

Call SERVPRO to Your Glen Cove Home if You Suspect Mold Damage

Many people are familiar with mold because this is a substance that exists naturally in humid areas. Black fungi can begin growing within your Glen Cove property on carpeting, furnishings, drywall, flooring, and other materials. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unaware of the possible hazards of microorganisms and attempt DIY cleaning to get rid of them. SERVPRO wants area residents to know that there is no such thing as mold removal, but quality mold remediation is possible when hiring the right team.

Why bother with professionals to handle mold damage in Glen Cove? Mold has the possibility of causing significant damage to your structure. As mold develops on your flooring, walls, and foundation, it can cause any structure to weaken. When left to grow for some time, mold and mildew can break down the integrity of your structural elements, leading to expensive, permanent damage.

What Areas Will Mold Grow Most Often?

You will often find mold developing on different building materials, which often happens within the construction phase. This usually occurs because of uncontrolled moisture dampening materials and bringing on liquid flow, higher humidity, and condensation. Some materials where mold spores often colonize include:

  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Concrete

Mold Damage Repair and Cleaning When you Need It – Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Mold remediation is the answer whenever you confirm or suspect infiltration in your home. It is safest to remain clear of any areas where you suspect actively growing mold and allow our IICRC-certified technicians at SERVPRO to handle it for you. Our team has the equipment, methods, and knowledge to help address dangerous, stubborn mold so that you can breathe easy once again.

For our team to clean as much mold growth as possible, we may remove and discard some materials deemed unsalvageable due to infestation. Some materials, such as carpeting or drywall, may require total removal and replacement with new materials. Everything gets handled with the help of trusted contractors so that your interior is left “Like it never even happened.”

Additionally, no mold cleanup job is complete until the air is free of musty odors and the possibility of any residual mold spores. We do not wrap up until we are sure the project is up to our standards, even if it means having an air scrubber running for a couple of days with HEPA filtration. The team monitors all progress and only signs off when we know your family and pets will be safe in your home once again.

There are Several Mold Prevention Tips that Any Property Owner Can Use

Mold prevention is possible, so keep these tips in mind before you have to call us for mold cleanup services:

  • Keep your interior as clean and dry as possible. Mold spores love a humid place to live. Having your house dry and clean eliminates the environment mold loves. Keep vent fans on a regular schedule or think about installing a dehumidifier.
  • Prevent water damage. Because moisture is a common factor in mold growth, always check your property to see if there are signs of a hidden water leak or built-up condensation. When you call SERVPRO for mold remediation, we always address the moisture source before proceeding. Failing to address the cause opens the door for mold and mildew to come back.
  • Disinfection is your friend. Mold will not begin colonizing on clean surfaces. Therefore, cleaning your home and paying attention to all surfaces is a great way to get ahead of the potential for any mold and mildew growth.

Call SERVPRO of Glen Cove/Jericho when you want a trusted team to help with mold damage. You can reach us by calling (516) 671-1919.

SERVPRO Is an Excellent Mold Removal Service in Glen Cove

3/21/2023 (Permalink)

Water Soaked Carpet For fast and efficient service call SERVPRO of Glen Cove/Jericho at (516) 671-1919.

Dedicated to Glen Cove and Effective Mold Removal

If mold ever infests your Glen Cove residence, there is a high-quality remediation service nearby that is dedicated to doing your job right. With elite training, decades of experience, years of exceedingly positive testimonials, and uniformly positive reviews, SERVPRO has earned the reputation of being one of this area’s best cleanup and restoration firms.

SERVPRO has been doing top-notch mold removal work for Glen Cove homeowners for more than thirty years now and, over that time, has proven itself to area residents. Our skilled mold specialists have routinely provided them with services ranging from simple mold inspection and basic mold removal to major black mold damage repairs. Just a few reasons to choose SERVPRO over other firms are:

  • Extensive professional training and industry certifications in microbial remediation, carpet, fabric, and upholstery cleaning, structural drying, water damage restoration, and odor control
  • Years of hands-on experience successfully performing a diverse array of services related to mold removal
  • Strong focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations, as recorded in countless glowing testimonials concerning our work and the consistent string of 5-star ratings we have received on Google Reviews, Facebook, and Yelp
  • Ability to get your job completed as fast as possible because of the state-of-the-art equipment we use, like the most powerful extractors and air movers, advanced dehumidifiers, and effective foggers in the remediation field
  • Desire to give something back to the less fortunate by donating resources and time to organizations

Keeping all of this in mind, consider calling your friendly neighborhood SERVPRO of Glen Cove/Jericho whenever you need mold removal done fast. The sooner you call, the more swiftly we can return your residence to its pre-mold-damaged state. Call us anytime at (516) 671-1919 for assistance.

Glen Cove Residents Trust SERVPRO with Fire Damage Restoration

2/14/2023 (Permalink)

Fan on Fire Don’t let your property be a victim of fire damage, SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho is only a call away.

SERVPRO Uses Latest Tech in Fire Damage Restoration of Glen Cove Homes

Restorative cleaning can reduce the cost of your fire damage claim. SERVPRO experts use the latest technology and apply the principles and elements of cleaning to restore fire damage to your Glen Cove home to preloss condition. 

SERVPRO’s goal while restoring fire damage to your Glen Cove home is to remove the smoke and soot residues as quickly as possible. The heat, oxygen, moisture, and gas interact with the smoke residues in many ways creating a great variety of cleaning challenges. SERVPRO techs use different cleaning approaches to capture and remove these residues to limit the extent of the damage. 

Deodorization During Smoke Remediation 

Fire and smoke damage often produce odors that can be very strong and persistent and can linger for a long time if not treated properly. The main objective of SERVPRO techs during deodorization is to eliminate the source of the odor and restore the affected area to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO techs use several pieces of equipment to combat odors in fire-damaged homes, including the following:

  • Pressure/electric sprayer
  • Ozone generator
  • Photocatalytic oxidizer
  • Air scrubber 
  • Thermal fogger 

Thermal fogging is one of the most effective methods to treat smoke odors. It involves using a fogging machine to generate a dense, hot fog that penetrates deep into the affected materials and neutralizes the odor-causing particles. 

Sealing the Surfaces During Smoke Remediation 

It involves removing any visible soot and smoke residues from surfaces and then applying a sealant to prevent the odor from re-penetrating the affected materials. The sealant also helps to prevent the growth of contaminating microbes, which can contribute to unpleasant odors and potential health hazards.

Call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho at (516) 671-1919. Our techs are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Water Damage Repair Is Necessary For Glen Cove Homeowners

1/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Attached to the Floor For fast and efficient service call SERVPRO.

Water Damage in Glen Cove Creates Significant Problems

Flooding is a common problem after a storm, especially if your Glen Cove home has sustained roof, door, or window damage. These allow water to seep into your property, causing immediate and lifelong damage to your home and belongings. Even though the aftermath of a storm can be upsetting, it is important to begin the repair process immediately to minimize the damage to your home. You may have to hire a reputable, experienced storm damage restoration company to help you repair your home. At SERVPRO, we take rapid actions to secure and restore your residence.

Water damage repair experts in Glen Cove evaluate your home to learn the extent of the damage. Some damages may take time to be obvious. Also, remember that there could be slippery areas, loose floorboards, and broken or exposed electrical lines. Heavy winds and rain usually create physical hazards such as collapsed roofing materials, collapsed walls, or standing water in the home interior and the basement.

Actions to help reduce chances of storm damage:

  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • Clear out gutters and drains
  • Install storm shutters or board up doors and windows
  • Bring in outdoor furniture and decorations

Basement Moisture Damage Repair

Underground moisture near the foundation of your home can leak into your basement. More so, flooding in other areas of your home flow downward and collect in your basement. SERVPRO crews can quickly remove water in your basement using extraction equipment, such as a truck-mount extractor. Other techniques, such as wet vacuuming and pumping, can be used depending on the surface and material affected.

Other restoration techniques:

  • Dehumidification
  • Air moving
  • Tear out and dispose of ruined carpet and padding
  • Clean and disinfect all non-porous surfaces

If you need water damage repair service, SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho is here to handle all your issues. Call us at (516) 671-1919 - available 24/7. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Protecting Personal Belongings After Glen Cove Water Damage

12/19/2022 (Permalink)

 SERVPRO Equipment Drying Floors Water damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians.

Needed Actions for Contents Suffering Water Damage

Water can be destructive and overwhelming to your household in hundreds of ways. Our SERVPRO professionals work fast to respond to these emergencies, complete with needed mitigation and restoration solutions designed to protect the structure and its contents. From the time that our team first arrives, we work to reduce content damage.

Mitigation Protects Contents

Water damage to Glen Cove homes impacts the structure and its contents simultaneously. Contents can be challenging to clean and prevent irreparable harm without fast and direct mitigation strategies. For instance, containment and relocation can help get some of your most favored possessions out of the damage path. Similarly, focusing quickly on standing water removal can also reduce the impact on personal belongings.

Content Claim Inventory and Documentation

Knowing the condition and the salvageability of your belongings is an important piece of information for restoration professionals and insurance providers. Much of the content claim inventory service our SERVPRO team conducts is to determine the actions needed to recover damaged belongings and whether some of these items are still salvageable. Insurance adjusters can use this information as part of the approved damage claim.

Cleaning Your Belongings Off-Site

When your possessions cannot be cleaned and restored on-site, we offer a pack-out service to transport them to our SERVPRO warehouse for focused cleanup and attention. Beyond safe, climate-controlled storage at our facility, we can provide more intricate:

Your contents are often more valuable to you than much of the residence itself. We do whatever possible to ensure that your belongings are cleaned, dried, and ready to return to your home when restoration completes. Give our SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho team a call to help with all areas of a water emergency. We are ready 24/7 at (516) 671-1919.